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Can Shampoo Cause Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on November 16, 2016

Migraine sufferers quickly become acquainted with the notion of triggers, and learn to keep a migraine diary to track potential causes of their pain. Common triggers are a good starting point for the newly diagnosed, giving you not just a point of reference for your own migraine pattern, but also some reassurance that you’re not alone.

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Your Guide to Migraine Anxiety

By Migraine Relief Center on November 9, 2016

Trying to separate and sort through the connections between migraine and anxiety is a little like trying to determine the age-old conundrum about the chicken and the egg. Migraine and anxiety are closely linked, although scientific studies have yet to pin point exactly what’s going on in the body and brain to explain exactly why the two conditions often walk side by side.

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The Connection Between Wine and Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on November 2, 2016

Does drinking wine give you a migraine? Alcohol is a common trigger for many migraine sufferers, with red wine often cited as a big culprit. Over the years, there has been plenty of study into the effects of alcohol on headache and migraine, with mixed results. Some even claim there is no statistical evidence of a relationship between drinking alcohol and getting a migraine attack. Despite this, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest the opposite.

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Can Halloween Candy Be a Migraine Trigger?

By Migraine Relief Center on October 26, 2016

Halloween usually means plenty of fun, dressing up and socializing. People are out on the streets, and there’s a special holiday atmosphere. But along with pumpkins and face paint, there’s a real threat to migraine sufferers: candy.

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Preparing for Winter Migraines: What Can You Do

By Migraine Relief Center on October 19, 2016

Changing seasons can be especially problematical for migraine sufferers. While many of us are sorry to see the end of summer and are not looking forward to shorter days and cooler temperatures, there are compensations. There is Christmas for instance, or winters sports, fall colors, and maybe even a touch of snow.

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What Are Abdominal Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on October 12, 2016

The concept of abdominal migraine seems strange to most people. Surely, migraine is a pain in the head and nothing to do with stomach ache? While this is true in most cases, we understand that migraine is a condition originating in the brain, which usually results in headache. And, similar physical conditions can sometimes trigger pain in the abdomen.

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Everything You Need to Know About Migraine Aura

By Migraine Relief Center on October 5, 2016

Around 20% of migraine sufferers experience aura warning signs before the onset of headache pain. Sometimes, taking prompt medication action when these signs occur can abort the pain completely, allowing normal activity to continue. Time windows vary, but migraine aura usually lasts between five minutes to an hour, with an average being around 20 minutes.

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The Connection Between Migraines and Other Chronic Illness

By Migraine Relief Center on September 28, 2016

Having frequent migraine headaches is bad enough, but a surprising number of sufferers also have other chronic illnesses to complicate matters and that add to their suffering. Sometimes, the illnesses are linked or have similar symptoms and causes. Recognizing both, and getting the correct diagnosis in all cases can help patients understand what’s happening to them, which leads to more effective coping strategies and pain management.

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Can Therapy Help with Your Migraine?

By Migraine Relief Center on September 21, 2016

There are dozens of different treatments available to those who suffer from migraines, ranging from various drug medications to surgical interventions.

For many, conventional treatments work well, but they don’t work for everyone. And even when treatments are working well there can be side effects that the patient would rather not have. For sufferers who find drugs don’t work, or those with other medical complications, the emotional upset of frequent drug or dose changes can leave migraineurs...

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Handling Your First Migraine: What You Need to Know

By Migraine Relief Center on September 14, 2016

The first time migraine hits can be a frightening experience. There is a whole army of migraineurs out there, with new sufferers being diagnosed every day. For all of them there was that dreadful, first time experience.

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