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What are Ice Pick Headaches?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 11, 2017

A sudden, stabbing pain in your face or head feels like you'e being attacked with a sharp object. It arrives without warning and is short, sharp and intensely uncomfortable for up to 30 seconds. You've just experienced an "ice pick" headache, and the bad news is that it could recur several times during the day. The official name given to these attacks by the International Headache Society is a Primary Stabbing Headache, and they can occur in migraineurs and non-sufferers alike even when no...

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Can Sleep Quality Improve Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 4, 2017

Getting enough sleep is important for most people, but for migraineurs the quality of sleep can have as much impact on their wellbeing as the quantity. A 2016 study by an outpatient headache clinic in Taiwan showed a significant association between the quality of the respondents’ sleep and the frequency of their migraines, which indicates that improving the quality of sleep can also reduce patients’ suffering from migraines. Some of the connections between migraine and poor quality sleep...

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How to Navigate New Year's Eve with a Migraine

By Migraine Relief Center on December 28, 2016

Are you dreading New Year’s Eve? Does the thought of all the extra excitement and noise give you visions of pain to come? For many migraine sufferers, the party season is nothing to be celebrated. With many New Year’s Eve parties getting noisier and more frenetic as the evening wears on, this special celebration can end up crossed firmly off the social diary.

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The Migraine Holiday Wish List

By Migraine Relief Center on December 21, 2016

While you’re shopping for everyone else this Christmas, don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something. Especially something that might help you have a pain-free holiday. Migraine sufferers know the dangers of being forced to miss family get-togethers and celebrations with friends, spending their time instead alone in a darkened room. 

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Common Winter Migraine Triggers

By Migraine Relief Center on December 14, 2016

While the association between temperature, changes in temperature, and migraine headaches are not fully understood, around 75% of migraine sufferers cite temperature change as one of their triggers.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hormonal Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on December 7, 2016

Women’s migraine patterns often have their roots in monthly, hormonal fluctuations, where changes in body chemistry cause imbalances that result in headaches. Many women find headaches are worse either during, before, or just after their periods as it is during this time that estrogen levels dip. Some schools of thought assert that it is not the level of estrogen in the body that causes the headache, but rather the change in the estrogen/progesterone balance. 

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Lighting Adjustments to Help Your Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on November 30, 2016

We can't function without light, and yet for migraine sufferers bright light can trigger a headache that sends them scurrying to a dark room. Since all types of light can be hazardous to migraineurs, here are a few ways to control the light around you.

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Thanksgiving Migraine Triggers You Need to Know

By Migraine Relief Center on November 23, 2016

Fall should be a carefree time of year, what with family Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties and the splendor of nature at this time.

For migraine sufferers, though, fall is often more misery than marvel. All the things people love most about the season are the very things that can herald pain, seclusion, guilt and depression.

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The Migraine and Chronic Pain Bloggers You Should Follow

By Migraine Relief Center on November 18, 2016

The migraine and chronic pain community is one that lends support and strength to its members. Earlier this month, Migraine Relief Center asked our fans to submit their favorite migraine or chronic pain blogs so we could share them with our 30,000-strong community. These bloggers really know how to market themselves online - let's meet them.

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Can Shampoo Cause Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on November 16, 2016

Migraine sufferers quickly become acquainted with the notion of triggers, and learn to keep a migraine diary to track potential causes of their pain. Common triggers are a good starting point for the newly diagnosed, giving you not just a point of reference for your own migraine pattern, but also some reassurance that you’re not alone.

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