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How to Navigate New Year's Eve with a Migraine

Posted by Migraine Relief Center on Dec 28, 2016 7:30:00 AM

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Are you dreading New Year’s Eve? Does the thought of all the extra excitement and noise give you visions of pain to come? For many migraine sufferers, the party season is nothing to be celebrated. With many New Year’s Eve parties getting noisier and more frenetic as the evening wears on, this special celebration can end up crossed firmly off the social diary.

However, there is no reason why a migraine should prevent you ringing in the New Year along with your friends and family. With a little planning and strategizing, you can minimize the chances of migraine ruining your evening. Here are some top tips to get you through the evening and safely into the New Year.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the major causes of migraine, and it’s easy to let yourself get too thirsty or become dehydrated without realizing it’s happening. Alcohol is one of the chief migraine causes but even if you’re avoiding alcohol, it’s possible you’re drinking extra coffee and this can have the same dehydrating effect.

Sipping water in between each alcoholic drink can help correct the balance, and it’s a good idea to monitor your caffeine intake.

Play Safe with Alcohol

Alcohol can cause major problems for some migraineurs, so know in advance which ones you need to avoid. If you want to play extra safe, take your own drinks with you to a party. It’s better than arriving then finding the only drinks available are the ones on your forbidden list. An alternative, if the party is at a friend’s house, is to ask that your favorite safe beverages are included in the drinks list.

Monitor Stress Levels

There is some controversy over whether stress is a migraine trigger or whether it is merely an exacerbating factor. Regardless, if you find you get more migraine during times of stress, try to figure out ahead of time what stressful situations you are facing then ask for help from family or friends to help you get through them. People can only help if you let them know you need it, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember Your Medications

During those times when the to-do list is longer than normal, it’s easy for medications to be forgotten. If you are taking regular, daily medication it may be worth setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to take it, or alternatively writing a note and leaving it somewhere prominent.

Make sure you keep doses of medication with you at all times. The likelihood of external triggers such as bright lights, loud noises or sudden changes in temperature is higher over the next few weeks of celebrations and preparations, so it’s best to stay prepared at all times.

Sleep Well, Eat Properly

Hectic schedules often lead to skipped meals or unhealthy snacks, both of which are common migraine triggers. It’s worth paying extra attention to your diet and making sure you eat regular balanced meals. If you know you have a particularly busy day ahead, keep healthy snacks (ones you know are safe to eat) with you.

Sleep is another thing that is easily disrupted at this time of year. Late nights can lead to longer lie-ins the following morning, or overstimulation during the day can make getting to sleep difficult and cause a restless night. All kinds of sleep problems can be migraine triggers, and these include:

  • Poor quality sleep
  • Getting too much sleep
  • Getting too little sleep
  • Disrupted or erratic sleep patterns

In the run up to New Year, make sure you go to bed and get up at the same time every night so you don’t head into celebrations being sleep deprived. If you know your sleep pattern is going to be disrupted, plan ahead by stocking up on medication so you can ward off an attack at the first sign.

Take Time Out

Sometimes it’s best to go at celebrations in stages. Don’t feel guilty if you need to retreat for half an hour or so to find some peace and quiet. Not everyone can party non-stop all night long and sometimes just taking yourself into a quiet place for a spell is enough for your body to regain its natural balance.

The final thing is to watch your food triggers. Party food is notoriously rich, and those tasty nibbles can spell danger if you let your guard down.

When it comes to migraine and the party season, you are your own best friend. You know what triggers your episodes and you hopefully know how to avoid them. By being extra vigilant, and reminding family and friends that you may need some help, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy New Year’s Eve along with everyone else.
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