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The Migraine and Chronic Pain Bloggers You Should Follow

Posted by Migraine Relief Center on Nov 18, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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The migraine and chronic pain community is one that lends support and strength to its members. Earlier this month, Migraine Relief Center asked our fans to submit their favorite migraine or chronic pain blogs so we could share them with our 30,000-strong community. These bloggers really know how to market themselves online - let's meet them.

Meet the Bloggers 

Migraine Buddy: Migraine Buddy is a downloadable app where users can store important information about their migraine triggers and symptoms. Their on-site blog offers helpful information about migraines and how to track them to find actionable solutions.

Disability Discharge: Associated with the Department of Federal Student Aid, this site aims to help those with chronic illness receive important grants that fund higher education. offers curated content from experts and migraneurs around the world. From personal blog posts to educational features, you'll find a thriving online community and the right posts for your needs.

Migraine-ista: The author is a married woman in her 30s who is living with chronic migraine pain and Fibromyalgia. Follow her journey and get tips on chronic pain at Migraine-ista. 

Bee Content Yoga: The brains behind Bee Content Yoga aim to heal chronic pain through the spiritual practice of yoga. Their blog fuses these principle and offers actionable ways you can start bringing yoga into your everyday life. 

Bear Hugs and Beyond: Faye, the author of Bear Hugs and Beyond, began blogging to share her experience of living with chronic illness. Since then, her blog has developed into a full-fledged brand and charity. She says the purpose of her blog was to promote possibility and purpose. 

Being Fibro Mom: Brandi is a wife, mother and self-proclaimed fibromyalgia thriver. She started Being Fibro Mom in 2013 to share her story and promote compassion, knowledge and healing. 

A Life Well Red: A Life Well Red is the brainchild of Kristine. Suffering from chronic illness, her goal is to promote education and healthy living through humor. 

Back Pain Blog UK: Barbara shares her own story with chronic pain, as well as methods for relief, book reviews and more. Writing from the United Kingdom, she shares a unique insight into what it's like to suffer from multiple chronic pain illnesses. 

Counting My Spoons: Julie Ryan deals with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, TMJ, migraines and cluster headaches. Counting My Spoons aims to educate and inspire others who have similar health issues. 

Adventures of Stick Girl: Victoria, aka StickGirlVic, posts vibrant and engaging reviews for those dealing with chronic pain. Everything has a spin of positivity which makes for an enjoyable reading experience. 

Putting Our Heads TogetherTeri Robert is an award-winning patient educator advocate who received the National Headache Foundation's "Patient Partner Award" in 2004 for her "ongoing efforts in patient education, support, and advocacy." 

Chronic Babe: Chronic Babe aims to pass on the message that you can have a great life despite chronic illness. With topics ranging from community collaborations to tips on staying sexy, there's no shortage of entertaining reads. The site also offers free guides and a forum environment to connect with other fans. 

The Migraine Diva: The Migraine Diva promotes three things - 1. Be aware. 2. Stay informed. 3. Learn to thrive. Author Jamie Sanders is a mom of three and a migraine sufferer. Her blog promotes migraine awareness and even offers delicious gluten-free recipes for any chronic pain sufferer to enjoy. 

Fibrodaze: Fibrodaze says it wants to "make sense out of the senseless." Author Sue aims to be her own health advocate and to advocate for anyone living with a chronic illness. Her twice-weekly posts offer tidbits to improve fibromyalgia symptoms, including emotional well-being.

FacsiaBlaster: While the FasciaBlaster is a product, their informative blog has plenty of great information for chronic pain sufferers. Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin. The FasciaBlaster offers solutions to alleviate knotting of those tissues, some of which can cause migraine pain. 

Thank you to everyone who shared your favorite blogger with us. If you think someone should be added to the list, tell us in the comments below. 

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