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Mark Khorsandi, D.O.

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20 Things Your Migraines Can Feel Like

By Mark Khorsandi, D.O. on November 18, 2015

Tell someone you have toothache, and you’ll get sympathetic winces and lots of understanding. The same goes for just about any painful condition that’s common to most people. Except migraine. Despite being fairly common, those who’ve never had one just don’t get it. Go to bed for a headache? Surely not.

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Occipital Neuralgia a cause of Migraine Headaches

By Mark Khorsandi, D.O. on December 19, 2013

Occipital Neuralgia is defined as nerve pain in the back of the head.  Occipital neuralgia is a cause of migraine headaches due to the greater occipital nerve being compressed. 

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