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The Migraine Relief Center Blog Is Named One of the Best Migraine and Headache Blogs of 2019

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Join our Free webinar "Treating Your Migraines 101"

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Tell Us How You Rule your Headache Disorder!

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Preventing Eye Strain at Work

How Does Septoplasty Help Migraines?

Botox for Migraine: Do I Qualify and How Can I Afford it?

3 Tips for Dealing with a Silent Migraine

What are Transformed Migraines?

Can Yoga Help with Migraines?

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Infographic: Migraine 101

5 Migraine Surgery Options You Should Consider

What to Expect after Your Migraine Surgery

What to Expect before Your Migraine Surgery

Most Helpful Herbal Remedies for Migraines

Choosing the Right Migraine Specialist

Medical Marijuana for Migraine Relief: Why Not?

Intranasal Capsaicin: Migraine Treatment Option

Migraines and Mood Disorders

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Exercise: Just What the Dr. Ordered, for Migraines

Migraine and Disability under the ADA

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Important Tips for Coping with Chronic Conditions

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Sleep Apnea and Migraines: Is There a Connection?

Men's & Women's Migraine Experiences

Bad Advice Migraine Patients Should Never Follow

Happy Halloween

Different Place, Same Headache? Relocating to Avoid Your Migraine Attacks

Concussions and Migraines: Is There a Connection?

Hot Flashes, Power Surges and Headaches: Migraines and Menopause

Elderly and Silent Brain Injury: Get the Facts

Vertigo Sufferers: What Albert Hitchcock Can Teach You about Vestibular Migraines

Get Older, Get Less Migraines? Not Always

Family Medical Leave Act: You Can Call in Sick for a Migraine

New Migraine Triggers May Emerge at Any Time

What to Do When You Can’t Pay for Your Migraine Meds

Migraines and Lupus: 2 Conditions That Share Many Symptoms

Childbirth: Connection between Epidurals and Migraines

Sitting on the Sidelines because of Migraines

Candesartan: Just What the Doctor Ordered to Cure Your Migraines

Acupuncture: Who Knew a Few Needles Could Alleviate So Much Migraine Pain?

Imitrex: The Migraine Cure You Have Been Searching For?

Happy Labor Day

Getting a Migraine Away from Home: Here Is What You Should Do

Radio Frequency Ablation: 1 Option That May Cure Your Migraines

Your Chiropractor May Be Able to Alleviate Your Migraine Pain

Attention Parents: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy May Alleviate Your Child's Migraines

Have a Migraine? Try Listening to Dubstep and Heavy Metal

Migraines and Pre-Eclampsia: What You Need to Know

Ketoprofen: What Is It and Will It Heal My Migraines?

What is Craniosacral Therapy and Can It Work for Your Migraines?

Can Getting Neck Surgery Help Alleviate Your Migraines?

Migraine Survival Kit: Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Is Your Herniated Disc Causing Your Migraines?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Put an End to Your Migraines

Have You Considered Supraorbital Nerve Decompression to Treat Your Migraines?

MSG Alert: You May Be Increasing Your Chances of Migraine Attacks

4 Tips for Chronic Migraine Sufferers Starting a New Job

Tramadol: What Is It & Does It Cure Migraines?

Migraine Support: How to Start a Support Group in Your Community

Atypical Sinus Headaches: What Are They & How to Treat Them

Military Migraines: Can You Enlist If You Suffer from Migraines?

Can Migraines Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Happy Father's Day

Migraines and Birth Control: Is there a Connection?

Caffeine: The Double Edge Sword for Migraine Sufferers

Is There a Relationship between Your Erectile Dysfunction and Migraine Attacks?

Are Migraines Related to Epilepsy?

Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

Do You Get More Migraines When You Smoke?

Happy Memorial Day

Migraines & Glaucoma? Is There a Connection?

Migraines & Gluten: Are They Connected?

Can You Take Migraine Medication while Breastfeeding?

Is There a Correlation between Migraines and Hypertension?

Happy Mother's Day

Relaxation Tips for Mother’s Day

Migraines & Narcolepsy: When a Restless Night Becomes a Miserable Day

What is Transient Aphasia for Migraines?

My Head Hurts Migraine Support Group June 3rd

Are Your Migraines Hurting Your Brain?

What's Better for Your Migraines: Surgery or Medication?

What Are Ocular Migraines?

Happy Easter

How Do Homeopathic and Natural Remedies Work for Migraines?

Are Your Migraines Affecting Your Relationships?

What is a Basilar Migraine?

Can Grinding Your Teeth Cause Migraines?

Migraine Relief Center at Houston's Ultimate Women's Expo!

Is the Weather Triggering Your Migraines?

How Migraines Affect the Brain

Rare Migraines to Be Aware Of

What Are the Risks of Migraine Surgery?

FDA Approves Headband to Reduce Migraines

How to Deal With the Postdrome Phase of a Migraine

What is Migraine With Aura?

Where Should You Store Your Migraine Meds?

Should You Disclose Your Migraine to Your Employer?

Pain Stimulators or Neuromodulators for Chronic Migraines Have High Complication Rates

How Do You Prevent Rebound Migraines?

What is a Hemiplegic Migraine Headache?

Save Money On Your Chronic Migraine BOTOX® Treatments With the Co-Pay Assistance Program

What's That Smell? Managing Your Migraine Scent Triggers

Happy Valentine's Day

What is the Recovery Time for Migraine Surgery?

Is There a Link Between Obesity and Migraines?

There's an App for That! Best Apps to Deal With Your Migraine

Are There Any Side Effects for My Migraine Medication?

Ouch It Hurts! How to Recognize Your Migraine Pain Level

Can Children Get Migraines?

Best Over-the-Counter Migraine Medications

What is a Rebound Headache? Understanding Symptoms of Medication Overuse

Take Your Meds! Guide to Common Migraine Medications

What are the Side Effects of BOTOX for Migraines?

Which Migraine Surgery is Right For You?

What is a Cluster Headache?

Happy New Years

Happy Holidays

Migraine Types: Do you Know Which Type you Suffer From?

Can Migraines be Genetic?

Occipital Neuralgia a cause of Migraine Headaches

The History of Migraine Headaches

Triggering Migraines with Medicine Overuse

Tips for Surviving Your Next Migraine Attack

Happy Thanksgiving

How to Travel and Manage Your Migraines

The Four Phases of a Migraine

Migraine Relief Center: In the News

How Light Can Trigger Migraines

The Link Between Menopause and Migraines

How to Prepare for Your Next Migraine

Do Migraines Increase Depression Rates Amongst Women?

Migraine Triggers: Common Foods to Avoid

Happy Halloween

Why Do Women Get More Migraines Than Men?

Build Your Migraine Survival Kit

The Differences Between Headaches and Migraines

Stress and Migraines: The Ultimate Trigger

Celebrity Migraine Sufferers

Reducing Migraines With Exercise and Movement

How to Avoid Common Migraine Triggers

Do You Have the MIDAS Touch?

What is a Migraine?