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There's an App for That! Best Apps to Deal With Your Migraine

Posted by Migraine Relief Center on Feb 7, 2014 7:00:00 AM
Each day, millions of migraine patients around the world turn to their smartphones and tablets and tap an icon that will help them manage their debilitating condition to a certain extent. These patients are not seeking for electronic miracle cures; they are using mobile apps that can help them improve their health in a number of ways. migraine app

Migraine apps have been around just as long as iPhones, iPads and Android-powered devices have been on the market. Some of these mobile apps are free, and some were not specifically developed with migraine patients in mind; however, each app listed below can help patients deal with their particular malady.

iManage Migraine for iOS

This free app is offered by pharmaceutical giant Merck, and it is essentially an informational tool presented in a way that resembles a small town. Patients can navigate the town square and surrounding roads to read relevant information about their condition. For example, Migraine Street has text related to symptoms, Management Alley is about prevention and Treatment Alley is about therapy options.

Food Diary for Android

For many patients, food triggers are the hardest to manage. Sometimes it is just a matter of allergies, but other times food combinations or even the times at which they are consumed can result in a migraine episode. This Food Diary app allows patients to keep track of their daily intake and any symptoms that can occur.

Period Calendar for Android

There are far more adult women who suffer from migraines than men. Researchers have observed some level of correlation between menstrual cycles and hormonal changes that may trigger migraine episodes. Tracking ovulation cycles and periods can help female patients manage their migraines more effectively when they share data with their doctors.

Headache for iOS

This mobile app shows iPad and iPhone users how traditional Chinese medicine approaches headaches and other vascular discomforts. According to ancient principles practiced in the Far East, there are certain pressure points associated with migraines that can be treated through stimulation of pressure points. No acupuncture is required for relief, only manual pressure or vibrations.

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga for iOS and Android

Many physicians recommend physical activity and relaxation for the purpose of avoiding stress that may lead to migraines. To this effect, yoga seems to help many migraine patients by stimulating circulation, reducing stress and promoting healthy sleep patterns. When yoga and relaxation are combined with music, the effect is even more soothing; this is what this app accomplishes with more than 40 different melodies.

Med Helper for iOS and Android

Depending on the migraine treatment strategy recommended by their physicians, some patients may have to take several preventive and pain-relief medications. Keeping track of prescriptions, dosages, and warnings is made simpler by this mobile app, which can also create a special report that can be sent to health care professionals via email.

The mobile apps above are just some of the many available these days; migraine patients should browse app marketplaces occasionally to see what's new.

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