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Helping Your Parents Understand Your Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on February 14, 2018

Living with chronic migraine is difficult enough for adults, but it’s even harder for young people. Teens whose parents don’t know what it’s like to experience the blinding headaches and other symptoms often have a tough time getting them to understand why you don’t want to do all the typical teenage activities. Interestingly, there are whole threads on Reddit devoted to helping teens explain to their parents what migraines are about, so it’s not an unusual problem.

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The Connection Between Migraines and Tooth Pain

By Migraine Relief Center on February 7, 2018

Headaches of any sort are often related to jaw and tooth issues, and we all know how a bad toothache can feel as if it’s reverberating right through your head. Migraine sufferers often experience a stronger relationship between the two, with oral health issues contributing significantly to migraine attacks.

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Is Your Phone Causing Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 31, 2018

Most of us can’t imagine our life without a smart phone. It’s now become such an integral part of our daily routines that trying to do without one would be like losing an arm or a leg. We socialize, manage our money, grocery shop and arrange professional calendars all via apps on the phone. And that’s before we even start filling in those boredom moments with amusing videos and games.

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Will Insurance Cover Migraine Surgery?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 24, 2018

When you have to deal with a long-term medical condition such as recurring migraine pain, you might find yourself in a dilemma regarding paying for treatments. On one hand, you have the ongoing expense of costs for migraine medication, and on the other the potentially big, upfront cost of surgery. Surgery may or may not reduce your monthly bills for pain meds, but finding a solution to the dilemma through affordable treatment plans can be a struggle.

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Is Migraine Surgery Right for Me?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 17, 2018

When you’re suffering from regular and repeated migraine attacks that seriously affect your quality of life, the chance that migraine surgery may reduce these is an attractive option.

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How Long Does it Take to Recover from Migraine Surgery?

By Mark Khorsandi, D.O. on January 11, 2018

Most patients recover quickly from migraine surgery. As you consider whether you should undergo surgery for your migraine attacks, it's natural to have questions. Here are some of the most common concerns.

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What is the Most Common Type of Migraine Surgery?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 3, 2018

For the millions of people who suffer from chronic daily migraine, finding relief is a priority. Often, the search for a solution leads them to choose migraine surgery. While several different types of migraine surgery are available, the option chosen most often is surgical nerve decompression, which releases the specific nerve that is trapped and gives the patient much-needed relief from the attacks. This procedure was developed after doctors discovered that patients who had undergone plastic...

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Fireworks - Can They Cause Migraines, and How to Protect Yourself

By Migraine Relief Center on December 27, 2017

Fireworks are beautiful and a pleasure to watch for most people, but the enjoyment can come at a price for migraineurs. With New Year almost upon us it’s possible you could forget the risks posed by an NYE celebration complete with a glorious light show, and end up suffering as a result.

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Christmas Migraines: What You Should Know

By Migraine Relief Center on December 20, 2017

With preparations for Christmas now in full swing, don’t let shopping for gifts and putting up decorations keep you so busy you don’t have time to take care of yourself. For migraine sufferers, the holidays can be a particularly challenging time, with so many triggers present it’s hard to avoid them all. With some advance planning, however, you may be able to enjoy your family time and prevent the dreaded headache from taking over.

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Can Tap Water Cause Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on December 13, 2017

Few Americans are unaware of the Flint, MI water challenges, and most people know tap water has a less-than-perfect rap at the best of times. And who can possibly forget Julia Roberts in the film Erin Brockovich, fighting for the rights of her community?

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