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Exploring Magnetic Therapy for Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on March 15, 2017

Magnetic therapy for migraines, which is clinically called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), is a non-invasive treatment method for patients who suffer from chronic and regular migraines. By holding a portable device to the scalp of patients, the migraine doctor transmits brief magnetic impulses through the skin to the brain. Whether the physician chooses to give single or repeated pulses, he (or she) can adjust the power, frequency and duration of the pulses, and the device records the...

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The Botox® for Migraine Process

By Migraine Relief Center on February 15, 2017

BOTOX® has been used since the 1970s for various medical conditions, but it was only approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of migraine headaches in 2010. Since then it has become an accepted method of providing relief for sufferers. Here’s what you can expect when you choose BOTOX as a migraine treatment option.

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What Does the Latest Research About Migraines Say?

By Migraine Relief Center on August 3, 2016

Despite countless studies and years of meticulous research by leading experts around the world, migraine has so far defied conclusive explanation or understanding. It’s a common and widely suffered illness, affecting around one in seven people. Symptoms range from those that are relatively mild and which can be easily treated with the correct medication for the individual, to those that are totally debilitating, sometimes for days at a time.

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Essentials Oils that Might Help Your Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on June 22, 2016

Scientific progress in the formulation of medication has brought us immense benefits in pain management, control and prevention. New treatments emerge all the time, as migraine and its causes are more thoroughly understood.

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Ketogenic Diets and Migraines: What You Need to Know

By Migraine Relief Center on May 25, 2016

The links between diet and migraine are well established. Most migraineurs recognize certain foods that either trigger an attack or make an episode worse. Avoiding personal food triggers soon becomes a lifestyle choice that’s vital in managing the condition.

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The Guide to Topical Migriane Medications

By Migraine Relief Center on May 18, 2016

When debilitating pain strikes frequently, safe effective medication becomes a vital part of daily life. Most migraine medication is taken orally, and whilst effective in many cases it can lead to problems for others. Topical medications can provide an additional or alternative treatment, with recent research indicating these may become more widely used in the future.

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How Does Septoplasty Help Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on April 27, 2016

It’s commonly understood that pressure on nerves can contribute to migraine headaches. Whether the pressure is a primary cause or a secondary condition that exacerbates the pain differs from patient to patient, but many find that relieving the pressure helps relieve both frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

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Botox for Migraine: Do I Qualify and How Can I Afford it?

By Migraine Relief Center on April 20, 2016

Botox is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for chronic migraine, and the good news is that as it becomes more accepted as a treatment, it’s being covered by more insurance policies.

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What is a Cefaly Machine and How Does it Treat Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on April 5, 2016

When migraine is a regular, unwelcome part of daily life, sufferers are constantly on the search for new ways to treat or prevent attacks. From pain management and lifestyle strategies to oral medication and surgical intervention, there are numerous way to combat the pain of migraine. And because migraine is such a complex condition, with multiple different triggers and manifestations, no one treatment works for everyone. Migraineurs can often go for years before they find an effective,...

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Can Yoga Help with Migraines?

By Migraine Relief Center on March 23, 2016

There is never one, simple answer to solving the migraine problem. Most sufferers develop their own personal attack system, approaching treatment, management and prevention with an individually worked-out program of behavioral strategies and prescribed medication.

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