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Everything You Need to Know About Migraines and Brain Fog

By Migraine Relief Center on May 24, 2017

As a migraineur, you’ve likely heard the term brain fog, and maybe you have even experienced the distressing symptoms. Brain fog is not a medical term, but it is a commonly used phrase describing a confused, unfocused state of mind. You’re forgetful, can’t get your thoughts in order or retain information.

It’s distressing and worrying, and can indicate some kind of imbalance. There may be several causes of migraine-related brain fog, from lifestyle to medication side effects or illness.

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What are Ice Pick Headaches?

By Migraine Relief Center on January 11, 2017

A sudden, stabbing pain in your face or head feels like you'e being attacked with a sharp object. It arrives without warning and is short, sharp and intensely uncomfortable for up to 30 seconds. You've just experienced an "ice pick" headache, and the bad news is that it could recur several times during the day. The official name given to these attacks by the International Headache Society is a Primary Stabbing Headache, and they can occur in migraineurs and non-sufferers alike even when no...

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Everything You Need to Know About Hormonal Migraines

By Migraine Relief Center on December 7, 2016

Women’s migraine patterns often have their roots in monthly, hormonal fluctuations, where changes in body chemistry cause imbalances that result in headaches. Many women find headaches are worse either during, before, or just after their periods as it is during this time that estrogen levels dip. Some schools of thought assert that it is not the level of estrogen in the body that causes the headache, but rather the change in the estrogen/progesterone balance. 

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Handling Your First Migraine Aura Experience

By Migraine Relief Center on October 14, 2015

To many people who don’t suffer from migraine, the word migraine simply means a bad headache. Migraine sufferers know different. It is a complex disorder with many associated symptoms ranging from distressing to debilitating. As with all aspects of migraine, the aura is often misunderstood and minimized by those who have never experienced it.

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Migraines, The Computer and Dizziness: What You Should Know

By Migraine Relief Center on October 7, 2015

There are a multitude of migraine side effects, with each sufferer having a slightly different experience. All these different experiences make migraine a complex condition, and hard to treat. Some people experience early warning signals, such as an aura causing a visual disturbance, feeling nauseous, or dizzy. Others experience a hammering pain that makes it impossible to carry on with life as normal.

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Do Migraines Affect Your Skin?

By Migraine Relief Center on June 24, 2015

Migraine pain is bad enough, but the symptoms that often go along with the head pain can add to the distress. Many migraine sufferers experience a range of other symptoms, which often show themselves in the skin itself, the eyes, how the face looks, or a heightened sensitivity from normal stimulus that shouldn’t cause discomfort.

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Infographic: Migraine 101

By Migraine Relief Center on February 20, 2015

Few things can temporarily disable someone like a migraine headache. From visual disturbances, like blind spots or flashing lights, to physical weakness and difficulty communicating, migraine can debilitate its sufferers for hours – even days – at a time.

And with 1 billion people worldwide – including 18% of U.S. women and 6% of men – suffering from migraines, it’s more important than ever to understand the symptoms, triggers and treatment options for these chronic headaches.

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Migraines and Lupus: 2 Conditions That Share Many Symptoms

By Migraine Relief Center on September 23, 2014

American pop music celebrity Selena Gomez is known for her background as a Disney actress, her hit songs and her tumultuous romance with Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. Gomez recently joined the ranks of celebrities such as Seal, Lady Gaga and Toni Braxton, who have all been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus

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The Four Phases of a Migraine

By Migraine Relief Center on November 22, 2013

What do Serena Williams, Carly Simon and Whoopi Goldberg all have in common? They are famous migraine stricken women who have learned to manage their migraines. One thing they may or may not have in common is the way their migraine attacks become manifest. For some people, migraine attacks will arrive in four phases; however, these stages are not guaranteed for everyone. 

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